Memorial Flower Petal Auto Rosary/Car Charms

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Memorial Flower Petal Auto rosary or car charms are made up of 10 beads with a center piece and 1 drop bead. It has a clasp for easy remol from your rear view mirror or any you may want to hang. 

Each memorial flower petal bead is made with your flowers fresh or dried. If your flower has a petal it can be used. You can have your own Floral Rosary, Chaplet, Flower Petal Jewelry, or Treasured Keepsake.

Each bead is hand-made with YOUR FLOWERS embedded inside. We roll each one of your beads one at a time by hand. In each bead, you will be able to see your flowers.  Each item is hand wired together, creating a beautiful family heirloom to treasure and enjoy!

Your item will be waterproof and will not disintegrate. Each piece is designed for you! We want you to enjoy and remember your loved one or event.